Design trends of 2022
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2022 Home Decor Trends

From Hellenistic Revival to luxury laundry room ideas. 2022 home decor trends are as diverse and unique as the people living in the fabulous Era.

Home trends 2022, Hellenistic revival inspired pieces include column side table, marble and gold coasters and bust statue vase

Hellenistic Greek Home Decor

What is Hellenistic revival? This goes beyond retro! Hellenistic revival brings us back thousands of years. In 2022 Hellenistic Greek Home Decor is all the trend. Are you ready to bring ancient Greece into your home? We’ve been seeing descriptive words like Corinthian and Aphrodite-inspired. Here is what people are posting. HELLENISTIC REVIVAL

Luxury Home Design

From the small starter home to downsizing retiree, you’ll see chandeliers in bathrooms and wallpaper throughout. But what does that look like? Scroll down for Luxury House Design ideas or your home. LIMITLESS LUXE

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