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A peaceful place – A peaceful mind

5 Places to Relax Near Me – according to Valerie

5 spaces in your home to relax. your place to relax

Nearly two years ago we were all forced to be home 24/7. You and I both spent a lot of energy into making the perfect home office and homeschool space. We’ve reinvented our Living Rooms, installed the internet boosters and rearranged our entire lives! So now it’s time. It’s time to RELAX. Find your place to relax.

So here it is…Relax at Home

“Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space…on the one hand it’s shelter, but it’s also about pleasure.” – Zaha Hadid

Create a house of deep relaxation

So now we are going to spend some time focusing on a different space in the house. How many different places in your home do you like to go to relax? Or maybe there’s just one? Do you retreat to your bedroom? Or maybe your new and improved office is just the place to put your feet up and read or book. If you are like my husband then you are watching you giant screen tv in your office LOL

  1. BEDROOM – I’m a bedroom person. That is definitely my retreat. But like most of us, this is ALWAYS the last room in the house we put any energy into. In fact, we have done little to nothing in our Main Bedroom but am in the process of updating all of our kids’ bedrooms. Why is that? 
  1. BATH OR HOT TUB – A hot bath. Sprinkle of epsom salt. Dim lights. A good book. How does your bathroom hold up to the test of Relaxation? We recently remodeled our main bathroom but don’t really find it to be a relaxing space. We’ll talk more later about this.
  1. OUTDOORS – Oh the great outdoors! If I didn’t live in the midwest this would be my No. 1. But subzero temps and snow aren’t really my idea of relaxing lol. Maybe you’re a skier though? But the warm sun and a lounge chair by the sweet smelling blossoms. That is the life! Or a stroll by the pond with your dog. If the weather cooperates, there are sooo many great ways to relax outside.
  1. FAMILY ROOM/OFFICE/READING NOOK – I’ve mentioned before that I am really enjoying my new office space as I’m able to update and organize. And this is the point! To make a space Your Place to Relax it has to be in the right color scheme, organized with ambiance set. 
  1. WORKOUT ROOM – Now I’m going to argue this one! This is NOT a relaxing space. In my opinion anyway. But….exercise can be relaxing I suppose. I guess we’ll get into that a little more later.

100 ways to relax

IMO no matter what your way is to relax, there had better be an amazing space in your home to unwind. No matter what space you relax in, there are easy and affordable ways to make it so much better. 


Q: Is it good to relax at home?

A: I think after reading this article, I believe the BEST place to relax is at home.

Q: How can I relax instantly?

A: Being in the right space, designed with the right elements is the first step to relaxing. Find your right space and make it yours.

Q: Where can I go relax?

A: HAHA! Well, just read above!

Q: What can I do on a relaxing day at home?

A: There are so many ways! First, you have to find the place you want to relax, the right piece of furniture to plant your butt (unless you prefer to exercise to relax), then the best activity.

Q: How can I make a relaxation room at home?

A: There are so many ways. Follow me on Pinterest to learn more.

Q: What makes a room calming?

A: This could be something different to everyone. Colors, materials, furniture and even the size of the space itself. Subscribe to my newsletter to learn more.

Q: How can we make relaxing space at home?

A: Soon I will be visiting these 5 spaces and giving inspirational design ideas for you to use in your own spaces.

Ready to hear more and don’t want to miss out on the space you relax in and how to make it amazing, join me on social.

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