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About Valerie M

Interior Design Specialist

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to get to know little about me!



University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign
Graduated 1998

Mission Statement

My goal with this House | your Home is to empower everyday homeowners to designing and completing the home projects they’ve been dreaming of.

You deserve to live in a home you love!

Professional Experience


  • Certified Staging Consultant
  • Website design
  • Digital and paper-form marketing using social platforms such as Facebook
  • Content develop platforms such as

REAL ESTATE INVESTOR – Four Stone Properties LLC


  • Coordinate the completion of construction documents with a team of coworkers and engineers
  • Construction site observation and record keeping
  • Shop Drawing review
  • Client, Engineer and Contractor correspondence
  • Code and material research
  • Marketing material design and production

My Story

I’m here because I have a passion for personalizing spaces. You deserve to live in a home you love. Whether that means finding a new house or just fine tuning the one you are in. I’m here for you!

I am a mom of four (2 girls, 2 boys) who keep me REALLY busy. But I also really enjoy working. I’ve been through a couple of careers over the years which include a range from project coordinator at an architecture firm to barista as a Starbucks store manager. But there are two passions I keep coming back to, architecture and sharing helpful information.

I’m here on this platform for multiple reasons. Of course, like I stated above, I love helping other get inspired and do those projects in their home that will make them happy. I’ve always had big dreams to use my skills in a variety of ways. Real estate, home design for clients, staging, home investment (rentals and flips) and this blog. I can reach so many more of you and help to create so many more great spaces through the wonderful world of website browsers.

I am beyond excited to be here with you! Be inspired! I’m here to tell you, do it!

Wishing you a beautiful Home,

Valerie M

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