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Easiest Ways to Add Drama to a Room

You’ve bought the furniture and curtains. You’ve hung some artwork and picked out your lighting. Your room is done! But still feels like something is missing. Do one of these to add drama to a room.

PRO TIP: Only pick one! or your room will go from dramatic to overwhelming.

Finish the Ceiling

Maybe the last place you may consider but is a surprisingly subtle way to add the finish touch to a room. It can simply be a color or be more bold with a wallpaper print. My favorite is a textured wallpaper in a muted color or a color variation of what is already in the room. This is the quick and easy way. If you are ready to go more involved with a build, put up wood planks or create a coffered affect. Really the ideas are limitless.

Ceiling ideas from Pinterest…

Add Drama to a Room with Painted Trim

We all have seen white or wood tones. It adds an amazing contrast in any room. But next time try a color like black. When doing this I would recommend paint the door as well. Definitely adds drama to a room and is super easy to do. This is actually a common Craftsman and Victorian era design. Get creative with it and don’t shy from any color. If you absolutely love the color, paint the walls to match!

Painted Trim on Pinterest…

Lighting is Key Finishing Touch

Here’s the thing…a ceiling fan is functional. But maybe the room can do without and an oversized pendant is in order. Or add sconces by window or doors. You can create a dramatic up-light affect by place small puck lights behind your TV. Casting light onto the ceiling vs the light coming from the ceiling!

Unique Lighting on Pinterest…

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