• drought tolerant perennials
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    Drought Tolerant Perennials

    Here in the Midwest 2023 has been quite dry! The weather person on our local news said we usually have about 3 inches of rain in May but have only had about half an inch. Yikes! So the irony here is Pinterest predicted “Droughtscape” for 2023. I think it was intended for low maintenance. What they meant is people will be planting drought resistant gardens…how did they know!?!? The good news is there are drought tolerant perennials and annuals to make a beautiful garden when mother nature isn’t helping with the watering. Top Drought Tolerant Perennials McKana Giant Vibrant color combinations and visits from pollinators in late spring to early…

  • family room with fireplace
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    Family Room with Fireplace

    A fireplace in a family room will take the space instantly from everyday to sophisticated. In this space, the family was ready to take the feature wall to the next level by adding a fireplace. The homeowner’s style could be labeled as rustic contemporary with simple lines, blocks of color and dark metals mixed with warm brown woods. Family Room with Fireplaces on Pinterest Starting with already finished spaces is the best place to get inspiration. Here are the top pins the homeowner shared for family rooms with fireplaces that they are drawn to. Learn more about creating and inspiration board HERE or sign up for Plan B ecourse. Some…

  • tools you need for your house
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    Essential Tools for Homeowners

    Not just for your DIY home improvement project. Essential tools for homeowners to maintain and improve your home. Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibilities, from keeping up with maintenance and repairs to ensuring the safety of your family. To make sure that you can take care of all these tasks efficiently, it is essential to have the right tools in your toolbox. From power drills and hammers to saws and screwdrivers, having the right tools can make all the difference when it comes to taking care of tasks around your home. Some of the links within this blog post are affiliate links. If you purchase or sign up to…

  • Be your own interior designer
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    Room Planner Online

    Do you own a house? Are there projects you’d like to get done but don’t know where to start? Property styling can be tricky! I’ve heard it over and over. Use this room planner process to create a home you love. I want to update my house where do I start? Professional interior designers charge $100-300 per hour to put your room together. This typically ends in about $5200 just in design fees! This maybe the right choice for you. But I have a feeling you have your own ideas… That’s why I’ve put together these easy to use tools to get you to your final goal of living in your dream home. You…

  • how to make a design board
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    How to Make a Design Board

    Some call it an inspiration board. It’s a design collage of sorts. Here is how I make a design board when putting together a room. In this example I’m designing the main bedroom for a client. There were only a few things they knew they wanted. The room was to be primarily blue, have some sort of feature wall and a barn door. 1. Find inspiration in already finished rooms Cruise Pinterest searching something you are certain you want to include in your room. Since blue was requested by the homeowner, I started by searching blue bedroom. Use these pics of already finished rooms to see how others have used the…

  • mushroom wall art
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    Mushroom Wall Art

    Are you looking to create a unique and magical space in your home? A mushroom themed room can be the perfect solution! Pinterest has made the predictions for 2023. The Mush-Room is one of the many interior design trends that was highlighted. Here is mushroom wall art and other mushroom themed decor for your next project. With the right decorations and furnishings, you can transform any room into a whimsical wonderland. From mushroom-shaped furniture to wallpapers featuring fairy-tale mushrooms, there are plenty of ways to bring this theme to life. With a little creativity, you can create an enchanting atmosphere that will leave your guests spellbound. Some of the links…

  • Home Maintenance by month
    Home Maintenance

    Furnace Service

    Home maintenance is important! You get the oil changed on your car multiple times a year. So why would you neglect your furnace service…or any other home maintenance. Changing your furnace filter regularly will extend the life of your furnace. This is so important, it is Step 01 of the Home Renovation Planner. Why Service your Furnace Home Maintenance Best Practices

  • how to attract hummingbirds
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    How to Attract Hummingbirds

    The April sun has is to peaking over the trees, cinnamon is sprinkled in my coffee and most of the family is still asleep. This is when I most enjoy sitting outside the most. In a couple of months, there will be gardens full of mulch and flowers buzzing with bees and hummingbirds. Start preparing your outside space for the summer now by filling your birdfeeders and laying the mulch. Here are more tips on how to attract hummingbirds to your yard. Hummingbirds and butterflies are what drive the design of my flower gardens. This along with my vegetable garden and my hummingbird feeders are a must to make my…

  • interior design trends 2023
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    2023 Design Trends

    From Pinterest to the 2023 color of the year, find all that is interior design trends in 2023. Mushroom Themed Rooms Are you looking to create a unique and magical space in your home? A mushroom themed room can be the perfect solution! Pinterest has made the predictions for 2023. The Mush-Room is one of the many interior design trends that was highlighted. MUSHROOM WALL ART Pink Aesthetic Room Pink has been such a hot color lately in home decor. But using a color like pink in a room can be tricky. It can be over or under done. It can exhausting finding just the right shade. If you do…

  • front garden design
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    front garden ideas

    Each year Pinterest puts out their predictions for the year. For 2023 there is a prediction for homeowners to focus on creating beautiful gardens in their front yard. In my neighborhood I see more and more families spending more and more time in their front yards. And, of course, as a real estate agent I’m all about curb appeal. So I’m on board with this. So I thought I’d put together a page of inspiration for you. Leave a comment below and let me know which you’d like to put in your front garden design. Front Garden Ideas Wondering what else Pinterest has predicted for 2023? Beyond Blue and Pink…