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Bathroom Wall Decals

It’s that simple lol … bathroom wall decals. I’m obsessed! Every room has a big empty wall that needs something. The hall bathroom in my house has just this wall. Straight across from the vanity mirror. I may just put giant words up saying “Brush Your Teeth” lol. They won’t be able to look in mirror and not see it!

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How to apply wall decals

Here are instruction from the expert! Don’t forget to shop while you are there!

How to get wall decals off

I recently removed a decal from my son’s room and tried to preserve the 12 inch Hulk. It was hard not to rip it but it peeled off pretty easy. In my daughter’s room I used a blow dryer to heat the decal up first. That made is much easier to get off.

Wall Decals in my own Home

I’ve used wall decals in my daughter’s bedroom. They add a mystical moment in a space. IMO they work mostly in a whimsical way. And when I redesigned my daughter’s bedroom, I left one of the decals on the wall. I painted over it then peeled it off. It was a fun way to have a bit of her childhood still in the room as we moved into the teenage redesign.

Young girls bedroom with purple walls. Decal of the word Lily is written in cursive in a darker purple. Sitting on the letters is the decal silhouette of fairy sprinkling fairy dust over the girls bed.

Bathroom Wall Decals for your Home

I know you are ready to join me! Are you inspired? has a large variety of fun and unique bathroom wall decals. Cruise through the site to see all that they have to offer. Then find your right space and the right image to put in your space. If you aren’t ready to stick the decal directly to the wall, use an empty picture frame. Stick the decal to the glass and leave the back open to see the wall behind.

Bathroom decor can be challenging. A wall decal can be the perfect solution. For more solutions, check out these bathroom redesign posts I wrote.

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Q: Can you put wall decals in a bathrooom?

A: The short answer is YES. The long answer is … well there isn’t a long answer. Find the best selection of wall decals HERE.

Q: Do wall decals ruin walls?

A: I can only speak from my own experience. I had a Incredible Hulk decal on the wall in my boys’ bedroom. I also had a fairy decal with a million tiny stars in my daughters’ room. Neither damage the wall at all.

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