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Transform Your Home – Best Feng Shui Books

If you’re ready to harness the ancient art of Feng Shui and bring more balance, harmony, and abundance into your life, then you need to get your hands on these life-changing Feng Shui books! These must-read titles will open your eyes to the incredible power of Feng Shui.

Best Feng Shui Books

From unlocking the secrets of Feng Shui for the home to tapping into the flow of energy for greater prosperity, these books have the potential to be true game-changers. Prepare to declutter, rearrange, and revitalize your living and working spaces in ways you never thought possible.

Feng Shui & Decluttering 2-in-1 Bundle by Marie White, Shirley Wood, Dana K. Kondo

Available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon Audible
Rated 4.7 stars on Audible (Listening Length 6 hours and 21 minutes)

This two in one book bundle includes Feng Shui and Decluttering. I recommend this Feng Shui book for anyone interested in creating positive xi energy in their home. You will learn about philosophy of Feng Shui including Yin Yang balance and flow of energy through your home, as well as the tools used in Feng Shui practice. These authors do a great job explaining all this in an easily understandable way. This is one of the best feng shui books because it also explains the xi energy in your body. Which extends into the decluttering portion of the bundle. I’ve read many books on organization. This one is unique as it dives into mental clutter along with the physical clutter of your home.


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