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    vintage aesthetic

    Every year Pinterest puts out it’s predictions for the coming year. For 2023 “designers with find new ways to honor old stuff” with Hipstoric style…this is a eclectic vintage aesthetic that can be part of any design. It’s about creating an atmosphere that feels lived-in and inviting – a place where memories are made and cherished. Other design predictions for 2023 by Pinterest vintage aesthetic Anyone who follows me knows that I love resale shopping and repurpose or redesigning vintage items. I am so excited to be in this retro-inspired era of home design and Pinterest was right! Incorporating some of the old with your room design with help it…

  • remodeling a home office find your inspiration and shop your room
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    Remodeling a Home Office

    The home office is a thing for almost every household these days. Even if you go to work, there is time doing work at home. Many employers are offering flex time to employees. This really seems to be the future of employment in the US. So let’s take a look at remodeling your home office! The current trending designs have a few things in common. The color scheme is simple…either soft white and warm tones or a single dark and moody color. You also find natural elements in every design. This appears as natural wood and/or plants and flowers. Keep these elements in your design plans and your room will…

  • family room with fireplace
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    Family Room with Fireplace

    A fireplace in a family room will take the space instantly from everyday to sophisticated. In this space, the family was ready to take the feature wall to the next level by adding a fireplace. The homeowner’s style could be labeled as rustic contemporary with simple lines, blocks of color and dark metals mixed with warm brown woods. Family Room with Fireplaces on Pinterest Starting with already finished spaces is the best place to get inspiration. Here are the top pins the homeowner shared for family rooms with fireplaces that they are drawn to. Learn more about creating and inspiration board HERE or sign up for Plan B ecourse. Some…

  • your pink room by valerie m
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    Pink Aesthetic Room

    Pink has been such a hot color lately in home decor. But using a color like pink in a room can be tricky. It can be over or under done. It can exhausting finding just the right shade. If you do the walls in pink, there really shouldn’t be any pink elsewhere in the room. But pink aesthetic room is absolutely doable and can be beautiful. Scroll through my favorite rooms with pink. Best part…I did all the shopping for you. Re-design your space today! Some of the links within this blog post are affiliate links. If you purchase or sign up to anything from this website via an affiliate…

  • Beige Neutral Bedroom Ideas
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    Beige Neutral Bedroom Ideas

    This timeless look of earthy tones is here again. You’ll find this in designs trends 2023 with a pop of color. But remember, 2023 colors are all muted. Here are my favorite beige neutral bedroom ideas with a bonus! I have done all of the shopping for you! Re-design your room today! Some of the links within this blog post are affiliate links. If you purchase or sign up to anything from this website via an affiliate link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you shop for your room shop for your room shop for your room shop for your room follow me