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    Remodeling a Home Office

    The home office is a thing for almost every household these days. Even if you go to work, there is time doing work at home. Many employers are offering flex time to employees. This really seems to be the future of employment in the US. So let’s take a look at remodeling your home office! The current trending designs have a few things in common. The color scheme is simple…either soft white and warm tones or a single dark and moody color. You also find natural elements in every design. This appears as natural wood and/or plants and flowers. Keep these elements in your design plans and your room will…

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    Home Office Setup

    One of my very first posts I ever wrote was about creating a calm, serene feel in your home. I talked about use of colors, placement of furniture, feng shui. You name it! I listed 5 spaces that may be your favorite place in your home to relax. The first few places I wrote about were very easy to elaborate on. Not hard to create a sanctuary in your bedroom or even in your backyard. But amongst the list was your home office. What was I thinking?! It’s where you work! Can your home office setup actually create a calm space? Honestly when I started this Relax At Home venture,…