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Coffee Station

Have you seen the HGTV show Unsellable Houses? Well, I was literally just watching the newest episode and they stole my design theme LOL They used the term “deep dark fancy”. I used the terms dark, moody and sophisticated. When I started the design for the coffee station in my master bedroom, I wanted to create the ‘coffee in a closet’ version of a speakeasy. My husband gave me that look and chuckled a little. But I think it turned out amazing! Scroll on! Stop in my Coffee Bar Accessories Shop for some more inspiration and shop for your space.

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Master Bedroom Coffee Station

You read that right! My husband has dreamed of our main bedroom and ensuite to be just like a 5 star hotel. And why not? It’s a large space and we have a linen closet we can do without. From there our dream was born. He was so excited for this project we’ve had a new coffeemaker for it over a year. And for that year it’s been sharing the bathroom vanity with me. It’s been quite a mess! So I am overjoyed to be finished and sharing the project with you.

3 coffee house cups of lattes each with a different design in the foam. You can almost smell the espresso.

Starting a Coffee Station Project

Like most of my projects, I like to be able to do it without many sophisticated power tools and keep it as basic as I can without sacrificing on design. And, of course, keeping the budget to a minimum. This project was no exception. I did use a miter saw and circular saw. But if you don’t have these, or are not comfortable using them, purchase your wood from Home Depot and they will do the cuts for you.

Material List

  • Pine Wood finished in dark walnut for counter, undercounter shelves and wall shelves
  • 2 x 2 for under counter support
  • Drywall screws
  • Lots of galvanized pipe and fittings

Steps to creating a coffee bar in the closet

1. Removing Linen Closet Shelving

The space I renovated in this project started out as a linen closet. I don’t usually recommend removing a closet but this home has plenty of other storage. That being said, demolition was easy but tedious. The closet was lined with wire shelving the builder put in when the house was built. Not sure if any of you have removed wire shelving before but there are anchors every few inches. The drywall gets torn up with millions of dime-size holes. After pulling each one out, I waited a day to start patching lol, not my favorite task. I knew I wanted to use wallpaper so at least all of the patchwork will be covered up.

2. Coffee Bar Ideas for small spaces

My inspiration board with black and gray floral wallpaper and soft wood container. Also a metal sign with a blue owl with Night Owl Cafe on it.

I touched on this a bit already. As soon as my husband came to me with this idea I immediately thought ‘speak easy’, dark and moody. Unfortunately, there isn’t room in the space for velvet and leather chairs to lounge in. But it is adjacent to the master bedroom with plenty of room for a space to sit and relax with a cup of Joe. I decided to use wallpaper to create some drama!

Then I found this owl! I was so excited!! You may not know yet, but I’m a bit obsessed with owls. This fits perfectly with the dark and moody design I want. I put this design grouping together and started my build.

3. DIY Wooden Shelves

Besides creating a simple plan using basic tools, I also work my projects on a budget. Using inexpensive wood is definitely a way to save money. The problem with using inexpensive wood is getting the right color. But I was determined to save the money and use pine wood instead of the walnut I wanted. With a lot of research and a little experimenting, I think I created a warm gray brown that fit well in this space. Read here about my journey to that perfect color using pine wood instead of more expensive alternatives. 

The counter build was really super simple. I used 2 x 2 sticks of pine to create a box frame drilled into the studs. Since this framing wasn’t going to be seen I didn’t bother staining it or making sure it was a perfect cut. The harder part was getting the cuts for the countertop just right to fit this maybe not so square closet. I also used my husband’s hole saw to create a garbage spot and small holes for power cords to drop down. 

All the shelves were put together like a puzzle. Check out this post I wrote on DIY industrial shelves. The pipe and fittings came from Menards and were by far the most expensive part of the project. But they look fabulous!! 

I started with 3 pieces of wood. One thicker piece for the counter. One piece of trim. And finally a long piece sectioned into the shelves. All laid out on blue tarp to finish with Dark Walnut stain.
I started with 3 pieces of wood. One thicker piece for the counter. One piece of trim. And finally a long piece sectioned into the shelves.
When framing the counter I left gaps by the outlets to allow cords to drop below.
sold by KnodosCrafts on Etsy

4. Blue and Gold Wallpaper

The gold and blue wallpaper creates amazing depth in the coffee station and adds a hint of elegance in this mostly industrial design.
The gold and blue wallpaper creates amazing depth in the coffee station and adds a hint of elegance in this mostly industrial design.
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I love wallpaper!! But it is the second most expensive part of this project. This little room took 4 rolls! Let me tell you, the problem is lining up the pattern. There are a lot of scraps by the end. I only wallpapered above the counter. Under the counter I painted the walls black to create the negative space behind the shelves. 

The wallpaper you see on the walls also isn’t the wallpaper I first selected. I had a much safer selection that I had purchased months before the project was ready. Literally the day before it was time to put the wallpaper up, I ordered 3 more designs lol. Narrowed down to the gold flowers and my safe first choice. Then left it up to my husband to pick. He ALWAYS selects the safe choice. Not this time! And I’m so glad he chose blue and gold. After he installed it, however, he’s cursing his decision. Not that he doesn’t like the final design. It was just very unforgiving with the deep color and elegant design. We’ve used peel n stick wallpaper a few times in our own home and this by far shows the most flaws and seams. Luckily with the small space and shelves, most of the imperfections are hidden.

5. Coffee Bar Accessories

I could go on and on and on about coffee bar accessories. Actually, give me a minute, and I just might create a whole separate post but for now go to my Coffee Bar Accessories Shop. But for this particular project, I took a shift from my owl sign to a more vintage inspired design. So, I bought dark and moody mugs and other decor. Which are on the shelves but I’m feeling inspired by the gold wallpaper. So I did some thrifting!

One of my favorite ways to accessorize is buying resale. Whether it be Facebook Marketplace or your favorite local thrift store, there are hidden gems everywhere that don’t need to be brand new. In this circumstance, I wanted vintage. At my favorite local thrift store, I found this gorgeous antique coffee carafe. It’s adding just a touch of glam to the industrial shelving to marry it to the statement of the richness of the wallpaper.

The black mugs are Starbucks, the white owls and sugar container are from Target. And, of course, this multifunctional Keurig to make a cup of coffee, and espresso or throffed milk latte. Shop coffee bar accessories here.

sold by Nepocoffee on Etsy
Gorgeous silver and glass antique coffee pot warmer sitting on the top wood shelf suspended from the wall with pipe and fittings.
Gorgeous silver and glass antique coffee pot warmer found at the local thrift store for $15!!
sold be SHANIKStore on Etsy

Coffee Station in your Bedroom

beautiful coffee station I made in the main bedroom linen closet. Soft wood shelves supported by industrial pipes and fittings. Finished with gorgeous blue wallpaper with drawn gold flowers.

Are you not in love with this perfect marriage of elegant and industrial? I am beyond thrilled with this coffee station I designed and built in a linen closet! It’s like it’s own little room. Btw, my husband insisted on a vintage looking red fridge. idk?

If you want to have that hotel level ensuite, be creative and find a nook for your coffee station. This project can be done in a weekend. But remember you can upgrade to a walnut or other more easily finished wood. Or use tile on the walls. It will definitely increase the budget however. Find your space and make your coffee station dreams come true!

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Q: What do I need for a coffee bar station at home?

A: This is so simple! Find a small space in your home. All you need is a coffeemaker, coffee, and a few mugs. Check out my post on coffee station accessories.

Q: How deep should a coffee bar be?

A: The counter in this project is 26 inches. But that is only because of the depth of the closet. The minimum depth depends on which coffeemaker. If you use the Keurig in this project, I’d recommend a minimum of 20 inches.

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