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Construction and Remodeling Terms

Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional lumber is a type of wood that has been cut to specific sizes and is used in construction projects. A 2 x 4 (two by four) is the most recognized dimensional lumber.

Dry Fit

After cutting material you put it all in place before fastening it in place. For instance, when tiling a floor, lay all the tile out before putting the mortar under it.

Feature Wall

The vertical surface in a room that catches your eye and draws you into the space.

Feature wall ideas are:

  • an accent color
  • change in material
  • fireplace wall
  • artwork or a photo wall

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Q: What words are associated with construction?

A: There are so many words that are part of a renovation! Is there a word you’ve heard but aren’t sure about. Put a word in the comments here and I’ll add it to the list.

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  1. Love all your creative ideas and inspiration. You have put together some really great tools that make it fun and easy to learn! Thank you for taking the time to put such great material together and for encouraging us to finally get our projects done!!

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