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Family Room with Fireplace

A fireplace in a family room will take the space instantly from everyday to sophisticated. In this space, the family was ready to take the feature wall to the next level by adding a fireplace. The homeowner’s style could be labeled as rustic contemporary with simple lines, blocks of color and dark metals mixed with warm brown woods.

Family Room with Fireplaces on Pinterest

Starting with already finished spaces is the best place to get inspiration. Here are the top pins the homeowner shared for family rooms with fireplaces that they are drawn to. Learn more about creating and inspiration board HERE or sign up for Plan B ecourse.

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Family Room with Fireplace Design Board

Family room with fireplace design board

This room had a light neutral palate to start with. The homeowner was very drawn to blue. To keep it rustic and sophisticated, a deep navy blue was chosen as the main accent color. The fire place will wear this beautiful color in wide plank shiplap. The curtains will be gorgeous with this blue as the primary color or as an accent. The light fixtures over the window seats need to be a warm natural color to balance the textures. The single piece of wood going from wall to wall will be in a nice walnut brown stain. The rest of the room should be filled with darker furniture to ground the room. This can be done in the blue or brown. Start designing and shopping for your family room fireplace now!

This room was boring, builder grade and just a simple box with windows. The home already has a warm stone color throughout including the paint on the walls and the carpeting in the room. The goal of this re-design is to add character and style to the space.

scale drawing of the feature wall before the renovation

Shop for your Family Room with Fireplace

There are many options if the selections above for a family room with fireplace doesn’t fit your style or your budget. All of these selections will fit together in any combination. Use the Design Budget Planner to finalize your design and budget.




blue couch
blue striped throw pillows


Blue and gray patterned tile
blue shiplap

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