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front garden ideas

Each year Pinterest puts out their predictions for the year. For 2023 there is a prediction for homeowners to focus on creating beautiful gardens in their front yard. In my neighborhood I see more and more families spending more and more time in their front yards. And, of course, as a real estate agent I’m all about curb appeal. So I’m on board with this.

So I thought I’d put together a page of inspiration for you. Leave a comment below and let me know which you’d like to put in your front garden design.

Front Garden Ideas

Wondering what else Pinterest has predicted for 2023?

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Q: What do you put in a front garden?

A: The front of your house is the first impression your guests have. It is also a place for you to sit and enjoy your neighborhood. When creating a front yard garden, put in anything you would use in the back yard. The biggest difference is that your house is the direct background of the garden so be sure to match colors and style of your home.

Q: What plants can I grow in the front yard?

A: Just like anywhere else you want to grow plants you need to analyze the sun light and water drainage to determine which plants will be the happiest in the front of your house. Also, be sure that the style/color of the plants coordinate with the façade of your home.

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