Home Maintenance by month
Home Maintenance

Furnace Service

Home maintenance is important! You get the oil changed on your car multiple times a year. So why would you neglect your furnace service…or any other home maintenance. Changing your furnace filter regularly will extend the life of your furnace. This is so important, it is Step 01 of the Home Renovation Planner.

Why Service your Furnace

  1. Keep your home and family safe by lowering the risk of fires and other health risks
  2. Know when to budget for replacement of big ticket items
  3. Extend the life of your appliances and all the parts of your home
furnace maintenance

Home Maintenance Best Practices

  1. Put the checklist in a visible place of your house
  2. Plan for the first weekend of every month or whatever set time works for you
  3. Use the tracking logs included in the Home Renovation Planner.

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