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Hellenistic Greek Home Decor

What is Hellenistic revival? This goes beyond retro! Hellenistic revival brings us back thousands of years. In 2022 Hellenistic Greek Home Decor is all the trend. Are you ready to bring ancient Greece into your home? We’ve been seeing descriptive words like Corinthian and Aphrodite-inspired. Here is what people are posting.

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What is Hellenistic Revival?

Ancient Greek people developed an architectural style that is still very recognizable today. They used their architecture to tell stories about their gods and goddesses, as well as their history. Greek interiors can be seen as lavish and grand. Some of this as well as ancient Roman translates into Hellenistic Revival but in a simple way. Here are 5 ways to incorporate this retro revival into your home.

  1. Deep blue and gold wallpapers – mostly in geometric patterns but also can be nature inspired. I found this gorgeous wallpaper on Amazon.
  2. Marble – EVERYWHERE! Marble is expensive so I’d recommend going for accents. Check out the scroll of products I put together for you.
  3. Aphrodite-inspired shelf and wall decor – the goddess of love and fertility.
  4. Corinthian columns, busts and statues – I’ve seen columns in so many forms including a side table and book end. Definitely not the full sized columns that were popular in the early 90s
  5. Geometric design – from frieze of the Parthenon this can be added to your room design in wallpaper or accent of furniture. I found this company that makes wood trim.

Hellenistic Greek Home Decor – Inspired!

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