july home maintenance checklist
Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Checklist – July

The sun is out and the weather is warm. So let’s get out of the heat and move to the fridge. Steps to a fresh fridge

  1. Take out all of the food one shelf at time as to not let anything get too warm
  2. Thoroughly clean that shelf/drawer
  3. Replace only fresh food in categories
  4. Put an open box of baking soda in the back of the fridge to absorb smells and moisture

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Here is a free printable just for you! This Home Maintenance Checklist is full of recommendations but these are only a minimum. Please be sure to address any other tasks that need to be done to keep your home healthy and safe.

  1. Inspect fire extinguishers
  2. Clean garbage disposal
  3. Clean range hood filter
  4. Unclog tub and sinks drains
  5. Check garage door safety feature


Q: What regular maintenance should be done on a house?

A: Being a homeowner is an amazing milestone in your life. But with it comes a lot of work and responsibility. Download this annual Home Maintenance Checklist and keep your house together.

Q: What are some examples of routine maintenance activities for a property?

A: If you download the Home Maintenance Checklist in the answer above you’ll find things like clean gutters, check smoke detectors, and clean the garbage disposal.

Q: What are the most common home maintenance issues?

A: When I worked for a Home Inspector, I remember seeing a lot of electrical issues. If you have never had your electrical panel looked at, call an electrician today.

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