home improvement tips
Home Improvement Tips

Home Renovation Tips

Here is the inside scoop to make the right design choices for your room. Find your space and learn from the pros on home renovation tips.

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Design Ideas

how to make a design board

How to Make a Design Board

  1. Cruise Pinterest searching something you are certain you want to include in your room.
  2. Find elements in the Pinterest photos that will finish the room.
  3. Search Pinterest for specific elements to include in your room.
  4. Start shopping…the pendant light I found on Amazon. Add items to your design board and to a Pinterest board.

neutral pink

Neutral Pink

Pink has been referred as the new black. In interior design terms that means it can be a neutral. Which it is…it can be paired with warm or cool hue, grays or browns, and as the feature color.

Feature Wall

Not sure which wall to create a focal point in your room?

The wall furthest from the entrance will make the room feel larger as it draws you into the space.


Wallpaper Ideas

Home design trends for 2022 have included more and more wallpaper. My favorite room for this splash of drama is the bathroom. But be aware, not all wallpapers are wipeable. Be sure to check this before purchasing your favorite pattern.


Best Dishwashers to Buy

Do you have the open floor plan everyone loves?

Be sure to install the dishwasher with a good sound rating.

Follow this useful guide from The Home Depot for the best dishwashers to buy.

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