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Bathroom Design Ideas - Relax At Home

House spa – Relaxing bathroom

Are you one of those lucky few that have a hot tub to create that perfect relaxing bathroom?? Not me!

But I do have a jetted tub in my main bathroom. And it is a great place to unwind and take a minute away from the world. Even without a fancy tub you can make your bathroom the most relaxing space in your home. Soft lighting, warm atmosphere, calming smells and more.

free standing tub in a spa like bathroom in front of a large sunny window

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Relaxing Bathroom Mood Lighting

I personally am nervous about having candles lit in my house. I guess if I didn’t have four kids and two dogs (or cats) I’d be a bit more easy going about it. That being said, the one place in the house candles would be the safest is the bathroom. Right?! So, on a tight budget, gather the candles and enjoy the ambiance of flickering flames. Here are some bathroom inspired candles I found on Amazon.

bathtub with flowers floating in the water and candles lit all around the rim

Bathtub Chandeleir

As a Realtor, I get to be in a lot of different bathrooms lol. And let me tell you an interesting fact. Chandeliers. That’s right. Chandeliers in the bathroom. And walk-in closets. And laundry rooms. Why not?! I’m actually really excited about this and am still working on my husband to put one in about our soaker tub. Our bathroom has a bit of a rustic decor so this is what I’ve picked out. If you are looking for something a little more glam or traditional check these out.

Let’s talk AROMA!

Bathrooms aren’t exactly known for good smells lol So let’s make sure we cover this base. Again, if you are a candle person, you can double duty with a nice smelling candle. Here are a few soy based more natural options. Otherwise there are some really nice looking diffusers that will fit right into any spa decor. Check these out The most common calming aroma is lavender. I like to use lavender in combination with another oil. For instance, if you need a little sinus cleanse include eucalyptus in your bath or diffuser.

Soak in Warm Water

HOT or WARM – Soooo how do you stay relaxed if you aren’t warm? Yes, the water is as warm as you want to make it but if the air is cold around you, the water won’t stay hot long. I’ve personally installed a couple different bathroom heaters in my home. This may be a more expensive option than a space heater but will increase the value and sellability of your house. One option is a bathroom exhaust fan that is also a heater. This worked amazingly in our smaller basement bathroom.

PRO TIP: in a basement with a shower, a heater is NECESSARY. In our main bathroom we installed a recessed wall heater. We placed it lower to the ground, since heat rises, making it efficient in heating a larger room. There are also bathroom exhaust fans with heaters which is a great option just not as efficient since it’s blowing from above. Hot air rises so your feet are going to be cold. This can be solved with a floor heating system. This option would definitely be the most costly.

Relaxing Bathroom Accessories

Here are some bathroom accessory ideas for you. Of course, don’t forget to place your bathrobe on that towel warmer!

  1. Bluetooth speaker – you can listen to your favorite music or a book on Audible. Get a FREE trial now.
  2. Tub tray – whether it’s a book or glass of wine, you need to have all your bath time needs within reach.
  3. Oil diffuser – you can add your favorite relaxing scent to a diffuser or right into the tub.
  4. Candles – turn the lights down and light the candles for the perfect relaxing ambiance.
free standing bathtub with bamboo tub tray

If your bedroom isn’t the space you prefer to relax in check out this blog I wrote about other spaces in your home: A Peaceful Place – A Peacful Mind

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Q: How do you completely relax in the bath?

A: Setting the right relaxing bathroom mood with lighting, aroma and hot water. Ending with a robe warming on a towel warmer.

Q: What can I put in a hot bath to relax?

A: Essential oil for the bath with a big scoop of epsom salt are the perfect combination to add to your bath for the perfect relaxing bathroom mood.

Q: What do you do in the bath when bored?

A: Place some fabulous music and close your eyes to daydream and rest. Or find a bestseller of your choice here and read a great novel or let Audible read it for you. 

Find more bathroom design inspiration here.

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