how to attract hummingbirds
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How to Attract Hummingbirds

The April sun has is to peaking over the trees, cinnamon is sprinkled in my coffee and most of the family is still asleep. This is when I most enjoy sitting outside the most. In a couple of months, there will be gardens full of mulch and flowers buzzing with bees and hummingbirds. Start preparing your outside space for the summer now by filling your birdfeeders and laying the mulch. Here are more tips on how to attract hummingbirds to your yard.

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How to Attract Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds and butterflies are what drive the design of my flower gardens. This along with my vegetable garden and my hummingbird feeders are a must to make my HOUSE a HOME. As much as they buzz and dart around, it is very calming to watch them while I enjoy my few minutes of quiet time in the morning. 

As summer is right around the corner, hummingbirds will start migrating our way. Here are some tips to prepare for their arrival.

Recently a young lady named Nicole of the Friends of Bay Minette shared with me this educational article about Hummingbirds. It’s loaded with all kinds of fun info.

Fun Facts About Hummingbird and How to Attract Them by Jim Olenbush

DIY Hummingbird Food

Did you know you can make your own hummingbird food! It’s simply clear sugar water (1 part white sugar mixed with 4 parts water). Warm up the water on the stove and add the sugar. When the water is clear again the sugar has fully dissolved. Be sure to cool the water before adding it to your birdfeeder.

Did you know hummingbirds can fly backwards? And are very curious birds? That’s what makes them so fun to watch besides their preciously cute little size. 

Creating Your Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden

In a corner of my backyard there are flowers for hummingbirds and butterflies picked and planted. Butterflies are attracted to the same plants as hummingbirds. Here’s an article from The Old Farmer’s Almanac “How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden

The article states that “they are particularly fond of red…” which fits perfectly into the scheme of my outdoor space. I have a traditional white house with black shutters and a red door.

If your home clashes with red, there are definitely other colors of particular flowers that will bring in the flutters of a butterfly or hummingbird. The Hummingbird Society has an easy to use guide to pick the right flowers for your garden. A great local business to shop for your garden is The Growing Place. There are two locations, Naperville and Aurora, IL

Sitting amongst the flowers, the fluttering of butterflies and watching the hummingbird. This is my perfect spot for my morning coffee.

Where is your happy good morning spot in your yard?

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Q: Are hummingbirds attracted to red?

A: Hummingbirds are attracted to red and other bright colors like orange and yellow. Some would argue however that red is a favorite of hummingbirds. But if you are looking to attract hummingbirds, it’s more important to have nectar rich flowers of any color.

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