how to make a design board
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How to Make a Design Board

Some call it an inspiration board. It’s a design collage of sorts. Here is how I make a design board when putting together a room. In this example I’m designing the main bedroom for a client. There were only a few things they knew they wanted. The room was to be primarily blue, have some sort of feature wall and a barn door.

1. Find inspiration in already finished rooms

Cruise Pinterest searching something you are certain you want to include in your room. Since blue was requested by the homeowner, I started by searching blue bedroom. Use these pics of already finished rooms to see how others have used the color and creating balance.

2. Find design elements

Find elements in the Pinterest photos that will finish the room. I decided instead of a feature wall in their room, wainscot and wallpaper would enrich the space greatly. So next search for the design element. Here is searched blue wallpaper.

3. Search again for specific design elements

Essentially a repeat of step 2. Search Pinterest for specific elements to include in your room. I want a “barn door” so that’s what I searched. Notice the picture of the door isn’t a bedroom. That’s OK! You’ll repeat this for each element in the room.

4. Start shopping

Start shopping…the pendant light I found on Amazon. This is perfect because I’ll have it saved in my cart for whenever I’m ready to buy it. When shopping on Amazon or Etsy you can save items on Pinterest as well.

As your design progresses and changes you may want to swap things out. My pro tip for this is to open your Amazon cart. Each item has a link to compare with similar items. This is perfect for when an item is outside of your budget as well.

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