How to start a small garden
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How to Start a Small Garden

For myself and my family, visiting a farmers market means a morning out in the fresh air and eating healthy fresh fruits and veggies. But I always get my strawberries from my garden. Visit Simple Homestead Living for some great garden planner and even an e-mail course for beginners. For now, here are some tips to get you started.

Fresh can mean something different to everyone. I think for most it means just bought from the grocery store. For others, the weekend farmer’s market brings an added level of freshness, flavor and nutrition. For myself, fresh means walking out to my backyard to pick a few strawberries to add to my yogurt in the morning.

How to Start a Small Garden in Simple Steps

Starting a garden can be a process and become a chore so here are a few easy simple steps to start a small garden in your own yard. Be sure to outline your plan before starting.

1. What should I plant in my garden?

Determine what veggies your family will actually eat. There is no reason to put in the time and energy into your small farm if you just end up feeding the wildlife or the neighbors LOL Some plants are more friendly with others than some. For instance, if you want to grow strawberries, put them in a planter or garden by themselves. Strawberries grow and spread like a weed.

2. Where is the best spot for a garden?

Finding the right spot in your yard is key in having a successful garden. Watch the sun throughout the day and pick the spot in the yard that has the most sun for the longest time. With careful consideration of the sun, water, and soil conditions in your area, you can find the perfect spot for a garden that will make your outdoor space look beautiful and thrive.

3. How do I start a garden from scratch?

Now comes the hard work … getting the soil tilled and the seeds or plants sown is by far the hardest part of it all. Map out your garden to ensure proper spacing between plants. It’s also important to know how tall each plant will get. The taller plants can shade the shorter plants. But once it’s done, it’s done. Just be sure to do a little extra watering the first week as the plants establish roots in their new home.

Farmer’s markets are a great way to support local business and small farming families. However, it can get pricey. So for some, myself included, a backyard garden is the solution. We are in a newer house so I’m still experimenting as to where and what to plant. This year we had a very successful harvest of cucumbers and a not so successful harvest of tomatoes. 

And that’s it! Easy peasy, right? Let’s start planting!

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Q: What do I need to start a small vegetable garden?

A: IMO the most important think you need to start a garden is a plan. Depending on where you live there is a relatively small window of time to start. With that there is a lot of prep required. So start early and map out your plan.

Q: What is an easy garden for beginners?

A: What determines the ease of a garden is truly the hardiness of the plants you pick. Plants are living thing so they need care. So planting a more hardy plant like a Hosta or one that is drought resistant will be easier.

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