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How to Win in a Seller’s Market …

My story of moving in 2008

Since the housing market has been stuck for so long, I thought I’d just share my personal experience. The crazy seller’s market we are in right now reminds me of 2008. I don’t think we’ll end in a recession but the price of homes were inflated and it was hard to find a home.

During that time my family was growing. I had a 2 yo, a baby and another on the way. Not only were we quickly growing out of our townhouse, we needed to shop school districts too. Our oldest has Down syndrome and would be starting school at her 3rd birthday. So right when we shouldn’t be trying to move, we had no choice. And that may be where you are now.

I decide with two little ones who couldn’t climb stairs and another coming very soon, I HAD TO HAVE a ranch house. No stairs! So now I’ve limited my options even more than the market was already doing for me. We found the town we wanted to be in based on the schools. And started our search. It actually didn’t take long and we found a house … and, yes, it was a ranch. But because of the market, it wasn’t much of an upgrade from our townhouse. We had basically the same sq ft. in our new house. It was totally worth it though! My kids went to great schools and we had a large fenced yard and a basement for them to play in. We stayed in that house for 8 years. It turned out to be the perfect home for us.

My self, my husband and my two baby girls in 2008

How I Won in a Seller’s Market

Only a few months after moving into our new home, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. You can’t know what that’s is like unless you have actually experienced it. What was I going to do with 3 babies and a sick husband. To say those were hard times is an understatement. But it just so happens the house we found in the middle of the crazy seller’s market was right next door to my brother and sister-in-law. We would not have survived that time if they weren’t so close.

I wanted to share this because the world is crazy right now. The housing market is a big piece of that craziness. But it’s not everything. If life is telling you that you need to move, then do it! There are always options and ways to make it happen. And life will fill in the blanks for you.

My four kids sitting in the grass in the middle of fall 2014 with a pile of leaves around them.

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