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Ideas for Bedroom Makeover

Often one of the last rooms on the project list, however, a bedroom is just as important as the rest of the house. Read the article below for ideas for bedroom makeover. You’ll find inspiration for a main (or master) bedroom, your teen’s bedroom, a guest bedroom and more. Take these bedroom re-design ideas to make the bedrooms in your house part of your home.

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pink aesthetic bedroom

Pink Aesthetic Bedroom Design Boards to Inspire Your Next Makeover

We all need a little more pink in our lives, am I right? Whether you’re going for a soft, pastel vibe or a bold, fuchsia moment, there are so many ways to incorporate pink aesthetic into your be…

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how to make a design board

How to Make a Design Board

Some call it an inspiration board. It’s a design collage of sorts. Here is how I make a design board when putting together a room. In this example I’m designing the main bedroom for a clie…

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mushroom wall art

Mushroom Wall Art

Are you looking to create a unique and magical space in your home? A mushroom themed room can be the perfect solution! Pinterest has made the predictions for 2023. The Mush-Room is one of the many int…

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Beige Neutral Bedroom Ideas

Beige Neutral Bedroom Ideas

This timeless look of earthy tones is here again. You’ll find this in designs trends 2023 with a pop of color. But remember, 2023 colors are all muted. Here are my favorite beige neutral bedroom…

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the bedroom shop

Interior Design Bedrooms – Shop My Favorites

The space in the house that is just for you! Or maybe a guest bedroom or kid’s room. When it comes to your bedroom, you want it to be a cozy, personal oasis – not just another generic room…

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coffee station @ home

Coffee Station

Have you seen the HGTV show Unsellable Houses? Well, I was literally just watching the newest episode and they stole my design theme LOL They used the term “deep dark fancy”. I used the te…

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