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2024 Design Trends

Pinterest and Esty always put out their forecast for design and trends for the next year. Here is my take on the forecast for the 2024 design trends. Each is paired with an Instagram post for inspiration.

The sophistication will be in the details but not at the expense of soft fabrics and warm woods. Discover more as you scroll.

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Top 5 Design Trends 2024

#1 – Wall Trim & Doors

We’ve spent the last couple of decades with contrasting trim and doors in our homes. In the early 2000s we had white oak wood grain trim and interior doors. Moving into the next decade, everything went white! This was a clean look that went with any design and decor. Come 2024, this is out! Interior design trends 2024 will not have such contrast with doors and trim. Pick a neutral wall color and paint all the accent pieces a couple shades darker…this includes furniture and cabinetry. Even pick a bold wall color and paint the molding and doors the same color.

#2 – Your Kitchen Island

As we move into 2024 white is out! Warm tones (not beige but think butter) will take over your cabinets creating a cozy but sophisticated feel in your home. We’ve seen a contrast over the years but for your kitchen island only wood grain will do. This adds to that warms with a lot of natural accents in your kitchen.

#3 – Cozy & Sophisticated

You can see the sophistication in all the other items for design trends for 2024. But how does the cozy fit in?? Adding cushy fabrics and warm woods to your spaces with keep the cozy inside the sophisticated design you strive for. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

#4 – Wainscot & Casing

In 2024 interior design trends are moving away from the feature wall. Instead your sophisticated home will have wall treatment everywhere. This can include mid century style slats or traditional wainscot molding. Don’t pass up the opportunity for wallpaper!

#5 – Bold but Earthy Colors

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