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Loving Your Home

4 Steps for Renovating a House

You chose your house for a reason. You deserve a home you love! Take these simple steps along with me to make every space in your home the one you love to be in.

This site is full of inspiration, DYI and projects you can do that are simple and affordable.

I’ve included a menu right here and at the bottom of this post for your to find inspiration for the space you have pick to renovate.

Loving Your Home Checklist
pick your space
find some inspiration
plan your design
create your space for you
Loving Your Home Checklist

Loving Your Home Checklist

  1. Pick your space
  2. Find some inspiration
  3. Plan your design
  4. Create your space for you!

Thinking about doing that project on your house? I’m here to tell you, DO IT! Start loving your home today.

My Favorite room
Pick your space
kitchen remodel
bedroom makeover
backyard retreat
bathroom refresh
1. Pick Your Space

1. My Favorite room

Not my favorite room but your favorite room lol. Pick your space! Kitchen remodel, Bedroom makeover, Backyard retreat, Bathroom refresh. Only you can decide which room you want to update right now. I suggest, start with how much you have to spend and match it up with the room that is highest on your favorite room list.

Inspired design
find your inspiration
pinterest @this house your home with valerie
website www.thishouseyourhomevalerie.com
facebook @this house your home with valerie
instagram @valerie.m_realtor_il
2. Find Your Inspiration

2. Inspired Design

I have it here for you! Click your room choice and I’ll send you straight to design ideas I put together just for you.

Bedroom Design | Kitchen Design | Backyard Inspirations | Bathroom Design

Don’t forget to follow me to stay up to date on more inspired design.

3. Plan Your Design

3. Design my Dream House

Plan your design. Start with the color scheme. Benjamin Moore has color tools that are great to use if you are not sure how to pair up colors. Sherwin- Williams makes it easy to order color samples. Definitely a good idea to have the color actually in your room and not just viewing it from a computer screen. Move on to the fun part BUYING!

create your space for you 
love your home!
4. Create Your Space for You!

4. Create your space

The first question is who is doing your project? Is it you? Your significant other? Or a hired contractor? Just know, the price obviously goes up if you hire someone. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ve got this! It’s planned, bought and ready for installation. 

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