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Luxury House Design

As Pinterest knows all, the prediction of “limitless luxe” is in every home. From the small starter home to downsizing retiree, you’ll see chandeliers in bathrooms and wallpaper throughout. But what does that look like? Scroll down for Luxury House Design ideas or your home.

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Luxury Laundry Room Ideas

You don’t need a large laundry room space to make it a luxury laundry room. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money. All you need is some wallpaper or tile, creative storage and a sparkly light fixture. Keep in mind that with metal machines, probably tile floors and other cold maybe sterile feeling items in the room. So pick wood and other materials to soften things up. Here are my luxury laundry room picks.

Simple but elegant laundry room with front load washer, butcher block countertop waterfall to one side and floating wood shelving for storage

Luxury Garage

Did you just say Luxury Garage? Why yes, I did! Limitless luxe in the most unexpected spaces. It’s more than just fancy storage. Luxury garage space should include sealed concrete and a hangout space complete with couch and big screen TV.

Luxury Gaming Room

PC gaming, video counsel, virtual reality, and then add the pool table or ping pong table, movie streaming. A luxury gaming room has it all! Unlike to picture here, it needs to be maxed out with the perfect decor. Find some fantastic finds below.

Luxury House Design

Make your home your own. If that means luxury house design, don’t forget those small and unexpected spaces. Don’t hold back!

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