october home maintenance checklist
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October Home Maintenance Checklist

As one of the most beautiful times of the year. It is also one of the messiest. Not only will you be digging your hand in the guts of a pumpkin, all those beautiful colors that cascade the landscape need to be raked up and disposed of. This may seem obvious to most but it needs to be done. Leaves need to be removed from the yard so the grass doesn’t get smothered. Also cleanup needs to happen in the roof gutters.

Winterizing your home is a very important for October and includes multiple tasks. Here are a few:

  • Winterize air conditioning
  • Turn water off to outdoor faucets
  • Winterize sprinkler system.
  • Drain and store outside hoses
  • Repair/replace caulk and weatherstrip around doors and window.

Scroll down for a free printable of August Home Maintenance Checklist.

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Here is a free printable just for you! October Home Maintenance Checklist is full of recommendations but these are only a minimum. Please be sure to address any other tasks that need to be done to keep your home healthy and safe.

  1. Inspector fire extinguishers
  2. Clean garbage disposal
  3. Clean range hood filter
  4. Unclog tub and sink drains
  5. Fence maintenance
  6. Leaf cleanup

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Q: What should I do to my house in the fall?

A: In the fall your house needs to get ready for winter. But don’t forget to cleanup all those beautiful leaves. If theft on your lawn, your grass will have a really hard time. And, obviously, thoroughly clean them out of your gutters.

Q: How do I set up a home maintenance plan?

A: I’ve got you! A home maintenance plan is here for you. Just download the one page.

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