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Organizing Christmas Decorations

Do you DIY organizing Christmas decorations or buy the fancy containers?? Either will do the trick. Like most projects you just have to decide if it’s worth the money or worth the time. To assist in I’ve put together the best store bought storage items and the best of the best Christmas organization hacks.

Top 10 Christmas Decorations Storage Containers

Where do you keep you Christmas decorations the rest of the year? Some of us have a crawlspace or attic space. Or maybe you have a storage closet. No matter where your storage space is, your beloved Christmas decorations deserve a safe place when you aren’t enjoying them for the holidays.

$ 31.99
$ 49.99
Northlight Red & Green Christmas Ornament Storage Bag with Removable Dividers
$ 19.19
$ 29.99
Whitmor Holiday Figurine Storage Box, Red
$ 15.99
$ 24.99
Whitmor Zip Top Large Christmas Storage Box, White
$ 46.79
$ 64.99
Household Essentials Holiday Collectible Storage Chest, Red
$ 16.79
$ 29.99
Simplify Christmas 60 Ornament Storage Tote Bin, Red
$ 64.99
$ 124.99
Northlight Red and Green Christmas Ornament Storage Bag with Removable Dividers
$ 15.99
$ 24.99
Whitmor Christmas Decoration Storage Box, Red
$ 72.79
$ 129.99
Hastings Home Christmas Tree Storage Bag, Red
$ 36.39
$ 64.99
Honey-Can-Do Holiday Decorations Storage Box, Red
$ 39.98
OSTO 30 in. Artificial Gray Water Resistant Christmas Wreath Storage Bag (2-Pack)

Top Organizing Christmas Decorations HACKS

DIY Christmas decoration storage with these top hacks. Not only keep your beloved Christmas decorations safe when you aren’t enjoying them for the holidays but it’ll be so much easier taking them out next year! Check out these top DIY organization hacks to keep your Christmas organized and safe with little to no storage budget.

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