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de-modernized home

Vintage Interior Design to de-Modernize Your Home

Are you looking to de-modernize your home? Vintage interior design can take you to a variety of decades and iconic design styles capture the essence of the past. Layer in period-appropriate accessories, from antique mirrors to vintage-inspired lighti…

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vintage home aesthetic

vintage aesthetic

Every year Pinterest puts out it’s predictions for the coming year. For 2023 “designers will find new ways to honor old stuff” with Hipstoric style…this is a eclectic vintage aesthetic that can be part of any design. It’…

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remodeling a home office find your inspiration and shop your room

Remodeling a Home Office

The home office is a thing for almost every household these days. Even if you go to work, there is time doing work at home. Many employers are offering flex time to employees. This really seems to be the future of employment in the US. So let’s…

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family room with fireplace

Family Room with Fireplace

A fireplace in a family room will take the space instantly from everyday to sophisticated. In this space, the family was ready to take the feature wall to the next level by adding a fireplace. The homeowner’s style could be labeled as rustic co…

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your pink room by valerie m

Pink Aesthetic Room

Pink has been such a hot color lately in home decor. But using a color like pink in a room can be tricky. It can be over or under done. It can exhausting finding just the right shade. If you do the walls in pink, there really shouldn’t be any p…

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Beige Neutral Bedroom Ideas

Beige Neutral Bedroom Ideas

This timeless look of earthy tones is here again. You’ll find this in designs trends 2023 with a pop of color. But remember, 2023 colors are all muted. Here are my favorite beige neutral bedroom ideas with a bonus! I have done all of the shoppi…

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