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Create a Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary

Your Bedroom – Relax Space

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, even before the pandemic! Well, at least it should be. It’s where you can escape from the other people in the house and it’s all you.  But if you are anything like me, this room in the house gets majorly neglected. In fact, we have done little to nothing in our Main Bedroom but I am in the process of updating all of our kids’ bedrooms. Why is that? Anyway let’s get into how to make your bedroom an oasis to unwind.

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Relaxing Bedroom Lighting

Dim lighting for a bedroom is definitely key to creating a relaxing space. I took a poll and most people have a lamp on their nightstand. I think it wins simply because it’s the most simple. However, there are other options to get the right mood in your bedroom through lighting. For instance in the room below there are wall sconces. This is my daughter’s room which we are currently updating from a princess and fairy bedroom to a Nightmare Before Christmas room. These gold colored sconces have the perfect amount of light to read a book in bed and create glamorous wall decor at the same time. Annnnd no need to hire an electrician! Especially in this room design the black cords adds to the feel and gives an older antique kind of atmosphere. 

deep rose colored with gold sconces that plug in
Deep pink walls with a soft glow of gold pendant lights about the nightstands
Cream colored bedroom with soft taupe head and footboard. Beautiful linen chandelier hanging from a coffered ceiling.
Soft blue walls with a glamourous chandelier
bedroom with blue walls and a linen pendant lamp and soft white and cream bedding
Blue bedroom with soft woven pendant light

Another amazing option for relaxing lighting is pendant lighting. If glam is your aesthetic then having a chandelier will make your space a sanctuary. Check out these side table chandeliers I found on Amazon. That zen feeling may come to your space with a nice linen shaded pendant for a more classic aesthetic. You can find some great choices for side table pendants here.

Calming Colors for Bedroom

We all know colors can affect your mood. So picking the right color can be crucial to creating a calm space. In researching color psychology, blue is described as calm and serene. Benjamin Moore has a whole page titled Relaxing Bedroom Colors. It’s a variety of creams and blues. The designer in me would like to add some wallpaper or use the color in bedding to create a plushness to this tranquil color.

A soft cream colored bedroom with cream bedding and soft blue rug for a pop of color
Big pop of blue on this area rug is the perfect spot to add the color of your relaxing bedroom sanctuary
a bedroom with white floors and bedding. An umbre style blue mountain mural on the main wall
The warm blues in this mural feels as though the room is floating in the clouds
White bedding with light wood floors highlighted with soft blue walls, blue window shades and blue accent pillows.
soft blue covering the walls of this bedroom feels calm and relaxing
A bedroom with lush blue comforter and pillow shams, gorgeous white breakfast tray and a gold frame mirror
lush blue comforter creates a cozy retreat

Now that we have your visual senses in a serene space let’s get the rest of your body chill and relaxing.

Feng Shui Bed Placement

Let’s think about what furniture pieces may be in a bedroom: a bed (of course), side tables, a dresser and possibly a chair or two. But come on…the bed is by far going to be the most relaxing spot in the room! So let’s talk feng shui bed placement. We’ve all heard of it but what is it and how can we use it to ensure relaxing energy in our bedrooms. A little disclaimer first, I am not certified in feng shui nor have I studied it extensively. I am a novice. But here’s what I found in my research. Feng shui is “an ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects and space in an environment to achieve harmony and balance in a way that will bring peace and harmony.” according to National Geographic. Your bed should be positioned so you can see the door but you are not directly in line with it or you could end up in the “coffin position”. YIKES!! Place the head of your bed against a solid wall that does NOT have a bathroom on the other side and where there is space on the other 3 sides to walk around. Oh, and don’t store anything under your bed. I found this post by The Spruce – Make Your Best Home to be very enlightening. Another great post by Love to Know.

Make your relaxing bedroom Sanctuary

We have color. And there’s the right lighting. Then we’ve nailed the furniture placement. But what makes the room serene but not boring. Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Flooring – if you have wood or other hard flooring definitely invest in an area rug. It doesn’t take a genius to know that hard surfaces don’t create a cozy feeling. But the warm tones of wood do. So a little of each are a perfect solution. Here are some gorgeous rugs I found in our serene blue family. 
  2. Oil diffuser – to hit all of our senses include a diffuser in your room. Keeping the aesthetic of the actual diffuser in natural tones will add to it’s calming qualities. Scents that are meant to calm the soul include lavender and sweet basil. Find more calming scents in this post by homesick

Here are some diffusers I found on Amazon with high ratings that fit the criteria.

3. Calming Decor – plush seating, live plants and a solid headboard will round out and make your bedroom the relaxing retreat to unwind at the end of the day.

If your bedroom isn’t the space you prefer to relax in check out this blog I wrote about other spaces in your home: A Peaceful Place – A Peacful Mind


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Q: What is feng shui?

A: According to Wikipedia feng shui is “…an ancient Chinese traditional practice which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.”

Q: How can I make my bedroom relax?

A: In this article you’ll find color, lighting and space planning ideas to create a relaxing bedroom sanctuary.

Q: How do I create a sanctuary bedroom?

A: Calm blue colors and the right light will make your bedroom a relaxing sanctuary. Read more in the article above.

Q: What is a Zen bedroom?

A: IMO a Zen bedroom would be created with feng shui. Read more in this article.

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Gorgeous gold wall sconce

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