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Remodeling a Home Office

The home office is a thing for almost every household these days. Even if you go to work, there is time doing work at home. Many employers are offering flex time to employees. This really seems to be the future of employment in the US. So let’s take a look at remodeling your home office!

The current trending designs have a few things in common. The color scheme is simple…either soft white and warm tones or a single dark and moody color. You also find natural elements in every design. This appears as natural wood and/or plants and flowers. Keep these elements in your design plans and your room will not only feel complete but refreshing. You’ll want to “go to work”!

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light bright white office space with black contrast chair and lighting mixed with light wood furniture and accents

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deep mossy green office space with light pink chair and light natural wood furniture and decor

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shop for your home office

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shop for your home office

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Q: How can I renovate my office cheap?

A: The most important part of doing a project with in a budget is to have a plan. Take the time up front to know what its important in your room and shop around. To help you through your plan get yourself a Home Renovation Planner.

Q: How can I improve my home office?

A: Improving a home office depends on what you are starting with. Your room may need more personality or it may need more functionality. Visit Home Office Setup, a post I wrote about this!

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