What do Interior Designers do

You can do what interior designers do. I’m here to help!

Do you have dreams of designing the spaces in your home like a professional? The desire to have magazine worthy rooms without spending half your budget on a interior designer. Here is your solution…what do interior designers do?

I love working with clients and empowering them to make design decisions and create the home of their dreams.

Keep reading to learn how you can do this on your own or with my help. I have put together products and provide services to get you from blah and boring to dream home…all within your budget.

Home Renovation Planner

Are you ready to do a renovation on your home? I created this interior design planner to stay organized and on top of your schedule.

This binder includes:
Step 01 – Home Maintenance
Step 02 – Know Your Home
Step 03 – Design Studio
Step 04 – Budgeting
Step 05 – Complete Your Project

20 Worksheets to create your dream home. All the tools you need to go from drab to stunning!

This is an well organized binder. Easily go step-by-step to create and organize your interior design plans for each space in your home.

Home Renovation Plan B

In this Ecourse you will learn how to use every page in your Home Renovation Planner. The course will include a series of videos made by yours truly. If you haven’t ordered your binder yet, you can still take this course. All the worksheets will be available to download and print. Go at your own pace in this self-guided course.

Personal Consultations

The favorite part of my job is meeting you and seeing you space! This can be done in person if local or by zoom. Believe it or not, I can assist you through your home renovation process without actually being in the space.

During this time I can help you get started, create your budget, shop for elements for your room, or whatever you need assistance with. The time is yours.

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