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drought tolerant perennials

Drought Tolerant Perennials

Here in the Midwest 2023 has been quite dry! The weather person on our local news said we usually ha…

family room with fireplace

Family Room with Fireplace

A fireplace in a family room will take the space instantly from everyday to sophisticated. In this s…

mushroom wall art

Mushroom Wall Art

Are you looking to create a unique and magical space in your home? A mushroom themed room can be the…

your pink room by valerie m

Pink Aesthetic Room

Pink has been such a hot color lately in home decor. But using a color like pink in a room can be tr…

Beige Neutral Bedroom Ideas

Beige Neutral Bedroom Ideas

This timeless look of earthy tones is here again. You’ll find this in designs trends 2023 with…

the bedroom shop

The Bedroom Store

The space in the house that is just for you! Or maybe a guest bedroom or kid’s room. Make it y…

Daily Deals Room by Room

Daily Deals Room by Room

Find the best daily deals room by room on Amazon. The biggest 2 days of discounts on Amazon Prime Da…

coffee bar accessory shop

Coffee Bar Accessories Shop

COFFEE!!!! Nuff said … After 10 years working at Starbucks, coffee has become my comfort food.…

gifts for dad

Gifts for Dad who has Everything

Do you have a Dad? I do! And, like most, he is a dad who has everything. So I have done some researc…

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