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The predictions are out … here are the top interior design trending on Etsy for 2024. Dig through this styling forecast for your next home refresh!

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Etsy Forecast for Design Trends 2024

Nautical nods: Sea life and beachy decor are finding their way into the winter months as mood-boosting gifts.

Artistic experiences: Crafting kits for kids offer imaginative fun and teach youngsters the magic of DIY gifting.

Berry everything: Opt for rich and rosy tones, or sweet fruit motifs in paper goods, apparel, and decor.

Neutral hearts: Keep this classic shape feeling fresh and seasonless with a calming palette of nudes and creams.

Evergreen decor: Heartwarming decor that works beyond just the holiday offers shoppers flexibility and lasting value.

Everyday items: Household staples like mugs and dish towels help recipients feel the love with serene pastel hues and special handmade touches.

Flexibility: Modular systems offering versatility continue to appeal to shoppers who want their furniture purchases to evolve with their lifestyles.

Curve appeal: Gently rounded shapes continue to draw in shoppers looking to create cozy nooks throughout their homes.

Denim decor: From throw pillows and quilts to placemats, sturdy denim is making its way into living spaces.

Boho details: An appreciation for artistic, handmade details continues to trend in interiors.

50% YoY increase in searches on Etsy for boho wall art

Expert woodwork: Expect growing interest in carved designs, interesting finishes, and collaging of wood veneers to form patterns.

Earthy edges: For an organic, modern look, consider replicating the unfinished quality of live edge wood in harder materials like stone.

Statement bathrooms: Show shoppers how beautiful bathrooms can be with attention to detail and a few standout pieces.

Patinas that pop: When working with metal, explore oxidized finishes, brushed textures, and mirrored effects.

Waves and wiggles: This evolution of squiggles and scallops is a bit softer and more graceful. Dynamic undulating shapes add interest to furniture and accent pieces like lamps.

Abstract forms: For a fresh look, experiment with blob-like shapes resembling melting ice or lumpy cake batter.

Alternatives to the gallery wall: Help shoppers seeking streamlined spaces with bold wallpaper or large statement art instead of busy collections.

Fresh palette: Gelato pastels, neutrals, bright acidic pops (red, citrus green), and Etsy’s 2024 Color of the Year berry are set to rule the season.

Cozy materials: Plush fabrics like soft velour and corduroy, along with hairy textures like mohair, are extra comforting.

As I study the trend predictions for 2024 they mostly fall in line with what I’m going to call 

Cozy Sophistication…2024 design style

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