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Trending on Pinterest 2023

Another year, another Pinterest pin LOL I’m always curious about all the predictions for the New Year. Every paint company has their color of the year and Pinterest has it’s own predictions. Here is what maybe trending on Pinterest 2023 home improvement edition.

Home Front

Don’t neglect your backyard but this year Pinterest predicts the front yard to get a garden makeover.

Beyond Blue and Pink

Going way beyond gender neutral trending on Pinterest 2023 will be a whole new look for your baby’s nursery. As child-led identity is the new parenting style.


Every teenage girl in my life asked for something mushroom for Christmas this year. Let’s see if the trend makes it through the next 12 months. Etsy is going to be your friend if you decide to do a Mush-room at your house.

Hipstoric Home

Drop your hand-me-down furniture and decor right into your favorite design style. In this new trend there’s a place for every antique in any modern design.

Chance of Showers

No more soaking for the next generation. Better bet those shower only bathrooms are decked out with rain heads and steam.

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This trending on Pinterest 2023 prediction moves us back outdoors. Drought tolerant plants will save us all on that water bill this summer. IMO this is an extension of the run on indoor succulents in 2022. Find some space for this in your new front yard garden to keep up with the Jones this 2023.

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Q: What are the home decorating trends for 2023?

A: In this post you find the Pinterest predictions for 2023 but find out my (Valerie M) predictions in my post Interior Design Trends 2023

Q: Are white walls in style for 2023?

A: The selections for Color of the Year 2023 are very earthy and neutral but none are white. Find 2023 color trends at Color of the Year 2023

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