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Vintage Interior Design to de-Modernize Your Home

Are you looking to de-modernize your home? Vintage interior design can take you to a variety of decades and iconic design styles capture the essence of the past. Layer in period-appropriate accessories, from antique mirrors to vintage-inspired lighting fixtures to de-modernize any space in your home. With the right balance of old and new, you can create a unique vintage feel.

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Authentic Vintage Design

Thrifting is the name of the game when it comes to scoring vintage decor on the cheap. Hit up your local thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets. Getting items from your favorite era is only way to get purely authentic items for you design. don’t forget about online vintage marketplaces. Sites like Etsy, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace are goldmines for one-of-a-kind vintage finds at all different price points. The key to building a authentic vintage home with period pieces is being patient, persistent, and maybe a little DIY.

Old with New for a Cohesive Vintage Design

Blending old and new can be a tricky endeavor, but when done right, it creates a cohesive vintage aesthetic that’s both charming and stylish. The key is finding that visual balance between modern and antique elements. Only you can decide if you want to lean more vintage or more modern but here are a few ways to de-modernize you home. Keep in mind you want it to feel more like a cozy home that a museum.


  • vintage design metal clock
  • antique phone
  • 30s wood radio
  • landscape art
  • midcentury modern kitchen table set
  • Midcentury modern bar stools
  • mango colored couch
  • 70s era radio
  • midcentury modern green chair set
  • vintage design chandelier
  • vintage design wall sconce with clear art glass and bronze
  • vintage pendant light with clear art glass and bronze
  • vintage phone decoration
  • vintage grandma chic wood clock

Grandma Chic in Your Home

Did you ever notice how home design trends mirror clothes fashion trends? Let’s explore this with Grandma Chic and Grandpa Styling in your home.

Vintage Interior Design - Grandma Chic
  1. WHITE COUCH SET – Chesterfield sofa sold at Kohl’s
  2. VINTAGE SIDE TABLE – sold by LITTLE TREE Store on Amazon
  3. VINTAGE TABLE LAMP – sold by WERFACTORY Store on Amazon
  4. PEACH OTTOMAN – sold by Jennifer Taylor Home Store on Amazon
  5. VINTAGE INSPIRED AREA RUG – nuLoom Lenore Vintage Floral Area Rug sold at Kohl’s
  7. BEIGE THROW PILLOW – sold by Maison d’ Hermine Store on Amazon

De-Modernized Bedroom

vintage interior design - de-modernized bedroom
  1. GREEN PENDANT – sold by XZHGCEE on Amazon
  2. WHITE ARMCHAIR – sold by Bellemave Store on Amazaon
  3. METAL BEDFRAME – sold by Yaheetech Store on Amazon
  4. GREEN WALL SCONCE – sold by Shenmoyl Store on Amazon
  5. OTTOMAN – sold by Jennifer Taylor Home Store on Amazon
  6. VINTAGE BLUETOOTH RADIO – sold by Dosmix Store on Amazon
  7. FLORAL THROW PILLOW – sold by Maison d’ Hermine Store on Amazon
  8. ROUND GREEN PILLOW -sold by Teieas Store on Amazon

Midcentury De-Modernize

  1. FLOOR LAMP – sold by LEPOWER Store on Amazon
  2. WALL ART FLOWERS – sold by Inkmakers on Etsy
  3. WALL ART – sold by ArtinGoHomeDecor on Etsy
  4. MCM LOVE SEAT – sold by Modway Store on Amazon
  5. MCM ARM CHAIR – sold by Modway Store on Amazon
  6. RETRO CLOCK – sold by RoyaleEnamelLtd on Etsy
  7. COFFEE TABLE – sold by Bme Store on Amazon
  8. BUFFET CABINET – sold by ARTPOWER Store on Amazon

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