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Create Your Own Wood Trim Accent Wall

When designing a space, creating a feature wall, is a must. Because whether you plan it or not, something in your space will be more eye catching than anything else in the room. Hence, just make it a thing LOL There are sooooo many ways to create a feature wall. Here I’ve put together a montage of wood trim accent wall ideas.

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2 – Design Your Own Wood Trim Accent Wall

horizontal and vertical wood trim accent wall sketch
horizontal only wood trim accent wall sketch
vertical and diagonal wood trim accent wall sketch

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Not sure which wall to create a focal point in your room?

The wall furthest from the entrance will make the room feel larger as it draws you into the space.

Watch this short video by Home with Stefani as she creates a wood trim feature wall.

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Q: How do you install wood trim on an accent wall?

A: Usually you nail wood trim with a nail gun to create an accent wall. Here is a post at Health, Home & Heart showing an easy wood trim install.

Q: What type of wood is used for accent walls?

A: It depends on the finish you plan to use on the wood. If you are staining the wood, you are going to use whichever type of wood gives you the look and color you want. If you plan on painting the wood there are many already primed trim pieces that will be perfect for your installation.

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